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Ammonite 2 Faces Polished AMMP2F020


Ammonites are extinct prehistoric cephalopods related to modern-day octopus and squid. It’s believed these creatures went extinct during an event in the Cretaceous–Paleogene period, which also caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Although soft tissue has rarely been found intact, their fossilized shells have been exceptionally preserved. The “suture patterns” found on the shells create stunning patterns and are used to identify the species of the specimen. When polished, the suture patterns become pronounced and parts of the fossil can be iridescent. The spiral shell of the ammonite is a symbol of evolution and constant change. Ammonites can help with personal growth and connecting with ancient wisdom. This fossil is believed to assist with ailments afflicting the lungs or ears.

Astrological sign: Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn

Chakras: Third eye, Root

Hardness: 4

0.4048 LB

0.184 KG


**All of our items are natural stones and fossils. Please understand that there may be slight variations in texture, pattern, and/or color on the pieces you receive from what is pictured in the photograph.

We do our best to photograph the minerals and fossils as natural as possible, however, colors may vary in different types of lighting. There may also be slight variations in colors from what you see on your monitor.

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