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Labradorite Free Form LABRFF099


Labradorite is part of the feldspar mineral family.  It is a stone of transformation and can be useful during major life changes.  Because of the way it refracts light, this stone creates flashy iridescent gleam of green, blue, and gold. Labradorite awakes ones psychic abilities and strengthens intuition. This stone can be used to tap into your inner magical abilities and protect your aura from negative energy. Also used for mental stimulation, this stone reduces stress and anxiety and helps with brain and eye function.

Astrology sign: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Chakras: Third eye, Crown, Throat

Hardness: 6-6.5

3.7 LB

1.65 KG

*Labradorite Flash is sometimes only seen when the light is reflected on certain angles of the stone. Some of these labradorite may show the flash more than others. Pictures are taken to best reflect the flash in the stone.


**All of our items are natural stones and fossils. Please understand that there may be slight variations in texture, pattern, and/or color on the pieces you receive from what is pictured in the photograph.

We do our best to photograph the minerals and fossils as natural as possible, however, colors may vary in different types of lighting. There may also be slight variations in colors from what you see on your monitor.


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